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Prof. Ivo Jajić, MD, PhD

(Bristivica, Croatia, 02.07.1932. - Zagreb, Croatia, 10.06.2010)


Croatian world-famous rheumatologist, full professor tenure at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb, clinician and scientist, publicist of an impressive opus with more than 700 publications of which 100 books and book chapters including many first-ever published books in the Croatian medical literature.


The most significant place belongs to the first Croatian ever published textbook on rheumatic diseases "Klinička reumatologija" (1981) which was named as a University of Zagreb textbook. Furthermore, he was the author of the first comprehensive monography in Croatian medical literature on rheumatic diseases Reumatologija" (1995).

Professor Jajic was a promotor of Croatian rheumatology through his cooperation with the world’s most influential rheumatologists with whom he built a fruitful relationship and a successful development of rheumatology worldwide. Furthermore, he promoted professional education towards physicians as well as patient education for the overall well-being of the rheumatic patient population.

Head of the Department of Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of Zagreb School of Medicine Clilnical Hospital Center "Sestre milosrdnice". He founded and was head of the Reference Center for Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia, founder and president of the Croatian League against Rheumatism, president of the Croatian Rheumatological Society and the Croatian Vertebrological Society of the Croatian Medical Association and a full member of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences.


In his 45 years of fruitful work age and passion for rheumatology, professor Ivo Jajić left a significant impact on the domestic and world rheumatological scene.


“He was a person, teacher and authority who’s loved and remembered”  KSK